The robust construction holds up well to club use and frequent landings, and the large pneumatic tailwheel absorbs mishandled landings. Ground handling is absolutely feather light, as the sailplane easily pirouettes about its main gear. The forward swept wing allows pilot weights of 141 to 242 pounds without installation of ballast. The cockpit includes both rudder pedal adjustment and fully adjustable seat back.

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Delivery time 2-3 Month
Wing span, m 12.6
Wing area, m2 7.7
Wing aspect ratio 20.6
Fuselage length, m 5.48
Height, m 1.3
Empty mass approx. kg 123
Max. gross weight, kg 265
Max. wing loading, kg/m2 35
Min. wing loading, kg/m2 25
Min. speed min TOW km/h 60
Min. speed max. TOW km/h 70
Min. TOW, kg 195
Max. TOW, kg 265
Max. speed in rough air, km/h 160
Max. speed in calm air, km/h 200
Never exceed speed Vne, km/h No
Min. sink rate m/s 0.76
G limits +5 / -3
Max. Ballast weight kg No
Retractable landing gear Yes
Best L/D 34


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