The nosewheel version of the AC-4-115 It is an excellent solo glider for students transitioning from nosewheel two seaters like the ASK-21. The robust construction holds up well to club use and frequent landings, and the large pneumatic tailwheel absorbs mishandled landings. Ground handling is absolutely feather light, as the sailplane easily pirouettes about its main gear

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Additional Info

Additional Info

Delivery time 2-3 Month
Wing span, m 12.6
Wing area, m2 7.7
Wing aspect ratio 20.6
Fuselage length, m 5.48
Height, m 1.3
Empty mass approx. kg 115
Max. gross weight, kg 265
Max. wing loading, kg/m2 35
Min. wing loading, kg/m2 25
Min. speed min TOW km/h 60
Min. speed max. TOW km/h 70
Min. TOW, kg 195
Max. TOW, kg 265
Max. speed in rough air, km/h 160
Max. speed in calm air, km/h 200
Never exceed speed Vne, km/h 220
Min. sink rate m/s 0.76
G limits +5 / -3
Max. Ballast weight kg 40
Retractable landing gear No
Best L/D 32


Customer Reviews (4)

For all you guys who want to have fun and not break your budget try a AC-4.Review by Tom Udd
I haven't yet tried for the Dimond distance in the AC-4, but I have
attempted the Gold distance. I made the flight but, my turnpoint pictures
were lacking. I like the ship, it flies well and I am comfortable in it. It
is the frist model A Serial 003 so it has some different features than all
the others in the field. I have the fairings and have re-painted the glider
(white of course)I have not done any performance testing but i know the
glider flies better with the fairings. For all you guys who want to have fun
and not break your budget try a AC-4.
Tom Udd Serial 003 "RU" (Posted on 6/6/2018)
I have about 4 hours so far in the AC-4 and I LOVE IT!Review by Tim Pierson
Tim Pierson
I have about 4 hours so far in the AC-4 and I LOVE IT! Our club's makes some
strange noises on tow and occasionally the pre-stall noise (but not buffet)
even over 50 kts. Nobody knows why, once you get used to this it doesnt
bother you. My longest flight so far is 1.2 hours and I did not have any
comfort problems with the seat. Like you, I am just interested in having
fun. By the way one day I flew along a Blanik L-23 side by side, and I
clearly outperformed him. He landed 1/2 hour before me.
Pitch stability is very good once you trim it out but even a little pressure
on the rudders will cause yaw. I have to remove my feet from the pedals to
stay straight and level.
I now fly the AC-4 every chance I get.
Tim Pierson
Seattle, WA (Posted on 6/6/2018)
Is great fun, would work pretty well for the uses you indicate, and is certainly cost effective.Review by Gregory H. Aicklen
I have a bunch of hours in AC-4 models A and B. In general the
glider handles well, and is fun to fly. The glide performance is
good, and Russia's climb easily, but the AC-4 has some trouble
penetrating against significant headwinds. Ground handling is a
breeze, since the aircraft is amazingly light.
With the Dick Johnson wing root fairings, you get perhaps 32:1 or
33:1, which is enough legs even for a low time pilot like me to
consider cross country. Short field landings aren't too hard, but
the wheel brake seems to be pretty weak. Assembly and disassembly
is very easy.
My complaints about the AC-4, both the A and B models, is that the
seat (or lack thereof) is intensely uncomfortable after an hour
or so in the air. After a couple of hours, my butt is in serious
pain. Also, I find the A model less cramped and more comfortable
than the B, even though the B model was supposed to make more room
for the big and tall crowd (go figure ... I'm only 5'10).
I understand there is a seat option available now for the AC-4.
Probably worth the investment if you're going to be doing badge
work, but check it out with someone who has flown such. You might
also try a variety of cushions for the seat pan.
Straight ahead visibility is problematic (for me) due to the
construction of the two-part canopy. Otherwise, no problem.
My (humble) opinion is that as long as you are comfortable (or can
get comfortable) sitting in the Russia for hours at a time, the Russia
is great fun, would work pretty well for the uses you indicate,
and is certainly cost effective.
Greg (Posted on 6/6/2018)
The price is right!Review by Armand A. Medeiros
Soaring Mag had a few good articles on it. Seems like a fairly nice
sailplane lacking only L/D. But, 33:1 is okay in moderate to good
conditions and the price is right! (Posted on 6/6/2018)

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